Erhiga was a drug addict, a notorious one at that,...

Erhiga was a drug addict, a notorious one at that, who was very hostile to his community, this he began from a very tender age. Many of his cohorts whom he lived with on the street have been killed and people thought that he would be the next to be killed but God’s grace kept his life. Nobody thought any good could ever come out of him, hence he was totally written off by many in his community. He was on many occasions confronted with the Gospel by this organization. However, all effort to make him see reasons to give his life to Christ to change his life proved abortive. He was notorious indeed, though not too notorious for God. One night when he was asleep he encountered God in his dream. When he woke up, he was afraid so he had to seek for help from this organization. When he came, he met the coordinator who then explained to him that it was God exhibiting His infinite mercy to redeem him from the destructive life he was living. After being convicted he was led to Christ and brought to the rehabilitation center for discipleship for about a year.

It was at the course of his discipleship program he discovered how terrible his past life had been. However, he praise God for saving his soul, today he is passionate about the souls of his past associate. He is longing to reach out to them with the same way God has reached out to him. He gives thanks to God for using The Redeemer’s Network to give his life a meaning and direction and giving his life a meaning.

In conclusion the story of his past life shows that there is no life that God cannot transform, no matter how messed up. Therefore, we should not discriminate or write anybody off in the society rather we should embrace them as Christ would.

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