Prostitution is a notorious aspect of life of some of...

Prostitution is a notorious aspect of life of some of the Nigerian ladies in Diasporas. These are the photos of Nigerian girls trading with their bodies by the roadside of the forest in foreign countries. These ladies migrated to foreign countries to trade sex and since they could not afford to rent houses or stay in hotels or brothels they resorted to sleeping in, make shift beds in the forest where they set up their sex industry to be patronized by their clients. However these ladies can go for weeks without finding one, making life bitter for them even after being exposed to danger by sleeping in the forest.
It was discovered that Nigerian women leaving in Italy who are particularly engaged in sex trade are from one of the famous cities in the South-South region of Nigeria. They have been going to Italy to work as sex traders and by the end of every year the successful ones send money to sustain their families back home. Oftentimes some of these women that have established themselves in this trade desire to have their own market. Subsequently, they come back home to recruit the younger girls to shameful and ungodly business in Italy. This is how they established their business. What a pity for parents that ignorantly give out their young daughters with the assumption that they were going to school or get a good jobs abroad, only for the pretty girls to end up in prostitution instead of the class room. The outcome of a general survey carried out proved that, majority of our sisters, aunties, wives and even mothers in diaspora especially those in Italy are prostitutes fully committed to sex trade.
Spiritually, prostitution is as a result of the demonic manipulation from the marine world that possessed these ladies with the sense and urge of using their sexual drives for trade. This fact poses a great challenge before the Nigerian church, since this is a spiritual matter it must be handle spiritually. The must raise up to this challenge for the church wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm (Eph 6:12). Therefore the church has to prophetically raise a standard against this satanic and spiritual move that has bedeviled quite a number of the Nigeria ladies both at home and diaspora and to further reach out and rehabilitate them lest the Master suffer great loss by losing them even in eternity. We should bear in mind that the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross of Calvary is also for them. Not until the Nigerian church looked at the prostitutes on the street, brothels, hotels and motels, just to mention but a few with compassion just as Christ looked at the multitude and had compassion on them, the devil will continue to have a field day in the lives of these ladies. (see Matt 9:36)
Most of the Nigerian prostitutes are aspiring to migrate to foreign countries with a clear decision to end up in the foreign sex market. They may convince themselves that they were migrating in order to hit it big among other reasons. Unknown to them they have being possessed by demon taking control of their mind enabling them to sleep with strangers.
The irony of this whole issue is that after they have gotten themselves deeply involved in this, they begin to feel dissatisfied with themselves and the business. They are constantly in regret and also wonder the kind of life there were living and wished they could run away from it the church must brace herself up and face this challenge headlong.
By the grace of God we have identified and brought some of these prostitutes to the light of the gospel. Some of these prostitutes were dreaming and saving money to cross over to foreign countries to continue this dirty business. While this plan and arrangement were going on, God encounter and showered them His infinite mercy and brought them out of the darkness through this Network. Today, they are now doing well living normal lives and one of them is even legally married, all to the praise and glory of God. But if this Network had not taken this great challenge of reaching out to them probably they would have gone and ended up like these ladies in the picture.
It is easier for the Nigerian church to reach out and rehabilitate these prostitutes at home than those in diaspora. Hence, we should synergize our resource to reach out and rehabilitate these ladies before they get out of reach. “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work” (John 9:4, KJV)
In conclusion, “The heaven of heavens is for God, but he put us in charge of the earth” (Palms 115:15-16, THE MESSAGE) It is now the responsibility of the church to govern the earth and ensure that our father did not suffer loss in the hand of his enemy, the devil. The devil is greatly depopulating our Father’s kingdom since the church which the Father had placed in charge of His business seems to be standing aloof. This attitude of the church will jeopardize the work of the Master on the cross of Calvary, over the lives of these prostitutes. So, this is a letter from God to you, mobilizing you to rescue these prostitutes from their way of life to become vessels in His hand. So don’t hesitate, make deliberate commitment right now towards this clarion call to the prostitutes in any form as the Lord will impress in your heart. For more inquiry and information on how to be part of this move, see the covered page. Thanks and God bless you as you show concern to the things that bleed the heart of God in Jesus name. Amen

Evans O. Akpocha
General Coordinator
The Redeemer’s Network Outreach.

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