Jennifer was a student of college of education in Benin. She was engaged in prostitution for a long time out of which she sponsors herself to school. Her story changed when we met her in 2010. We first met her in Winner’s club at Epkan, Uvwie Local Government Area Delta State, where she was prostituting to raise money for her education. When the Gospel was presented to her she was convinced and surrendered her life to Christ. Thereafter she was brought into the rehabilitation center for discipleship. Immediately she was connected to Rev, E. Onofurho. The General Overseer of Souls Harvesters [...]
Erhiga was a drug addict, a notorious one at that, who was very hostile to his community, this he began from a very tender age. Many of his cohorts whom he lived with on the street have been killed and people thought that he would be the next to be killed but God's grace kept his life. Nobody thought any good could ever come out of him, hence he was totally written off by many in his community. He was on many occasions confronted with the Gospel by this organization. However, all effort to make him see reasons to give [...]