STATEMENT OF FAITH We believe in the inspired Word of...


  1. We believe in the inspired Word of God as a guide for faith and practice.
  2. We believe in one true God revealed in three persons (Trinity).
  3. We believe Jesus Christ is eternally existent with the Father and is revealed to man in history.
  4. We believe man willingly chose to rebel against his Creator making an entrance for sin in the human condition.
  5. We believe the only answer to the sin’s problem of man is the salvation of God provided by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  6. We believe that every person regardless of ethnic identity, nationality or way of life including the PROSTITUTES, AREA BOYS, and DRUG ADDICT etc may have forgiveness of sins and a relationship with God by having faith in the Lord saviour.
  7. We believe redeemed people can live in harmony with each other and have an impact in their communities with the help of the Holy Spirit.
  8. We believe people living with HIV/DIDS can still live a fulfill life in the society.
  9. We believe proper awareness of this virus among the youths will caution aid their abstinence.
  10. We believe that the major reason why the Holy Ghost was release upon us is for the liberty of the captives according to Isaiah 61:1-3.
  11. We believe in the scripture that says those that will be liberated are those the Lord has chosen to rebuild the waste city at this end time according to verse 4 of the Isaiah 61.
  12. We believe we have a mission and destiny in the world to help the PROSTITUTES, AREA BOYS, and DRUG ADDICTS to know that God, the Father, loves them and wants to change their lives to in turn change their society.
  13. We believe the only permanent solution to the youths’ restiveness and bloodshed in the land is introducing them to Christ through discipleship and rehabilitation.
  14. We believe that God has concern for the poor and that He will bless those who care for them.